PorcelAIN ORNAMENT workshop

Come and create your own Christmas decoration!

This workshop gives you the chance to try out the technique of porcelain slipcasting with the help of my own self-made plaster moulds.

Each participants can create five pieces of Christmas decorations:

- 3 pieces of sphere shape

- 2 pieces of icicle

You can also choose from a palette of different colorful glazes, which will be painted on the objects by me, after the first firing.

The finished products will be receivable within two weeks after the workshop.


- 25 000 HUF / 5 pieces

Payment: bank transfer after invoice

Address of the studio: 1066 (District 6) Zichy Jenő Street 40, nearby Oktogon.

Date: 3rd of December (Sunday), 10.00 – 12.00

Apply here:


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